thank you! “I wanted to mention quickly that we love the cleaning service that we have been receiving these past few months. The girls have been doing an amazing job and have hit all of our priority needs."
September 2, 2011,  Alta Vista

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Organize your home Ottawa

organization tips & tricks

the “one touch” rule

When you use/touch something put it in its proper place the first time you put it down rather than setting it aside "for later".  This prevents a build up in “junk drawers” or pile-ups of papers on your desk, or clutter on your kitchen counter.

create a routine

Daily – wash dishes, wipe down kitchen counter and sink, sweep kitchen floors, tidy the living room.

Weekly – clean out the fridge, do laundry, vacuum carpeted areas, wipe down bathrooms.

spend 15 minutes a day

By dedicating only 15 minutes a day sorting through office papers, closets, your basement or your garage- you will be making a significant dent in your “never ending” build up and feel less overwhelmed about maintaining a sense of order and serenity in your home.  

reduce, re-use, recycle

Donate anything that you haven't worn in a year. Download our helpful donations list here.

Habitat for Humanity ReStore Program

They accept new and gently used renovation and building materials, as well as home décor items.

purging: assessing the value of your “stuff"

By comparing the FUNCTIONAL value of an item to its EMOTIONAL value you can alleviate the “Do I keep this or get rid of it” frustration.

Personal belongings fall into one of four categories:

  • Keepsakes (high emotional value/low functional value),
  • Tools (high functional value/low emotional value),
  • Prized Possessions (high emotional/ high functional value),
  • Junk (low emotional value/low functional value). 

Guidelines for keeping legal documents

Tax Return Records -10 years
Utility Bills – 1 year
Pay Stubs – 1 year
Medical Records & Bills – 5 years
Insurance records – 5 years

selling your home?

  • 80% of your kitchen & bathroom countertop should be kept clear to create a larger, cleaner space
  • Keep your fireplace mantel de-cluttered by displaying a maximum of two-three decorative items



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